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Psychological Fanfic Challenge

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[Batman] Still Life [1/30] [May. 22nd, 2011|01:33 pm]
Psychological Fanfic Challenge



Fandom: General Batman; mostly what we have here is a mixture of a few comic canons and DCAU
Title: Still Life
Characters: Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Carrie Kelly, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Terry McGinnis, Bruce/Almost Everyone, (really really mild) Damian/Terry
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: #2; Daddy Issues
Word Count: 392
Spoilers: If you are familiar with these characters you shouldn't have a problem?
Warnings: Implied underage, implied rape, really strongly implied batfam incest
Disclaimer: Batman was created by Bob Kane and belongs to DC, I just like playing in the universe.
A/N: For this prompt I had this really strong desire to just write 'yes' to absolutely everything and leave it and that.

  1. If not for the fact that he was simply too professional to ever behave in such a disgraceful manner, there were days when it might well have seemed that a bottle of alcohol was the only correct response to being faced with the prospect of caring for the pack of headstrong, insufferable, entirely too intelligent know-it-alls that he somehow found himself responsible for.

  2. Everything that he loved faded and died, as though poisoned by his affection; he could not love these children.

  3. Bruce wasn't perfect, but that still didn't mean anyone would match up to his standards -- there was something about that absolutely perfect imperfection that was fascinating, and something about his ghostly touch that always made Dick want more.

  4. When Jason was Robin, it had felt like Bruce was always in control of everything, no matter the situation, and those memories lent a feeling of giddy power to this situation: Bruce bound in front of him, and being compelled into uncontrolled reactions.

  5. She'd fantasized about him when she was little; that hadn't changed just because she'd started working with him, only the fantasies had.

  6. Batman needed a Robin, which meant Robin was meant to be what Batman needed -- Tim was a good Robin; he could always see when Bruce needed something, and he was always willing to do his job.

  7. He once wished that he could discover how to make his Father love him, but that was years ago, and that ship had sailed -- these days he tried to find the love of his adoptive son.

  8. Dick was sweet, and affectionate, and adored her; he was as sweet and appealing as vanilla ice cream -- the only problem was that vanilla always had been a little boring.

  9. Cassandra was surprised at how gentle Bruce could be, and how soft his touch could become; she wasn't used to someone who would love her, or hold her gently.

  10. Fathers weren't really a good thing in Stephanie's world, and she really did not want another one, so Bruce had to end up fitting into some other category -- how else would she get close to him?

  11. Bruce was not and could not be Terry's father, the thought made him feel sick, which in turn led him to viciously wonder if Bruce had planned it this way, as some kind of lesson.