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psych_30's Journal

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Psychological Fanfic Challenge
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This is a fanfic challenge community for psychological fanfic. The challenge is to claim a character, pairing, or group from a fandom (tv, movies, books, RPS, etc.), and write 30 psychologically-themed fics based on the following prompts:

1.Transference 2.Daddy Issues 3.Addiction 4.Ego/Id 5.Multiple Personality
6.Inferiority Complex 7.Nature vs. Nurture 8.Phobia 9.Sociopath 10.Approach-Avoidance
11.Castration Anxiety 12.Collective Unconscious 13.Delusion 14.Fixation 15.Halo Effect
16.Fetish 17.Group Think 18.Instinct 19.Separation Anxiety 20.Learned Helplessness
21.Rationalization 22.Libido 23.Vicarious 24.Skinner Box 25.Placebo Effect
26.Obsession 27.Catharsis 28.Free Associaton 29.Repression 30.Denial

Many thanks to themoononastick and eponine119 for their great prompt suggestions!

Here's the code so you can display the table in your own journal. Just change the prompt words to links as you post your fics.


You can stake your claim here. Before you stake your claim, please check the claims table here to see which characters have already been taken.

Fics can be about a single character, a pairing or threesome (example: Lost: Jack/Kate or Jack/Kate/Sawyer), or a group (example: Lost: General Series, the Others, the Tailees, etc.). Fics about a single character have to be about that character in some way. Fics about a pairing or group must at least allude to every character in your claim, though they do not all have to be mentioned by name if you're writing about a group. **Claims for Original Main Characters will not be accepted. However, if the claim is for an established canon character, it is allowable to include your OC in the fic as long as the character you've claimed is mentioned in the fic.**

Those are the only rules.

This is supposed to be FUN, so interpret the prompts as creatively as you want! Definitions for each term can be found here. Most were taken from The Psychology Dictionary. Thanks to eponine119 for pointing me to it!

All fics must have a header, with the body of the fic under either an lj-cut, or under a fake cut to your journal. Headers should follow the following format:

Fandom: *
Rating: **
Prompt: ***
Word Count:
Warnings: (if any)****

*Listing the fandom is necessary since this comm is now accepting multi-fandom entries.

**Please use the G thru NC-17 rating system. See below for explanation of this system.

***List both the prompt # and name (example: Prompt: #8, Phobia)

****It is very important to include all relevant warnings (i.e., incest, mpreg, character death, etc.). This community is open to all genres and ratings, but PLEASE be considerate of the variances in individual tastes and interests. Also, please DO NOT use fandom-specific wordings in your headers (example: "Pacecest", "Wincest" "Snarry," etc) so that those who use this community to browse unfamiliar fandoms won't accidentally read something that upsets them. Warnings should be worded so that they're understandable to all.

[Before anyone asks, I will not accept claims for underage RPS pairings.]

There is no deadline for completing your table, but I've had requests for some characters who have already been taken so I'd like everyone to post at least one fic per month, so those on the waiting list will eventually get a chance to stake a claim.

Each fic should be no shorter than 100 words. It's perfectly okay to use fic you've already posted elsewhere, as long as it fits the prompt. Please use the G through NC-17 rating system. All ratings are allowed. The fic MUST be under an lj-cut. Here are instructions for rating fics and using lj-cuts.

Step-by-step setup and posting instructions are here.

Feel free to join this community at any time. You may begin posting fic as soon as I've accepted your claim. When you've filled your table, you'll get a banner you can display with pride in your journal.

Do you need to drop your claim? That's perfectly fine! Just let me know here.

Other Questions? Ask them here.

Credit for inspiration and precedent goes to:




Banner Maker: isis2015

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